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The technology behind the products

Vehicle sensors

Magnetometer based vehicle sensors installed in the ground for periodic or continuous traffic data collection.

Data processing

Classification based on neural networks for every classification scheme and innovative algorithms for velocities.

Data interface

Interact with sensors and extract data via an API based on open standards or via a web based analytics tool.

Vehicle sensors in the ground

Sensebit’s vehicle sensors are installed in the ground where traffic is to be measured. They communicate via an integrated modem and antenna or via a cable to the roadside equipment depending on the product and application. The two different types of sensors combined with several powering and communication alternatives allows our customers to do quick cost efficient periodic measurements as well as realtime data for 24/7 statistics or ITS applications.

WD-300 wireless vehicle sensor
Magnetometer based vehicle sensor

Magnetometer technology

The vehicle sensors use magnetometers to measure the strength and direction of the earths magnetic field. When a vehicle passes over the sensors it creates a disturbance in the field due to the ferrous material content of the vehicle. This disturbance is recorded in high resolution by two magnetometers contained in each vehicle sensor to create two 3D magnetic profiles of the vehicle. These magnetic profiles are then used to classify and to calculate the velocity and length of each vehicle.

Classification with neural networks

The magnetic profiles collected by the vehicle sensors allows for extraction of very detailed information about each vehicle. To maximize the accuracy and detail of information to be extracted, Sensebit utilize self learning artificial neural networks in the data processing. These networks are trained with large amounts of data to recognize almost every possible vehicle type and situation that might occur on the roads. This technique allow us to provide our customers in each country with accurate classification in their classification scheme of choice.

Vehicle classification with artificial neural networks

Data interface

Data from Sensebit’s vehicle sensors can be accessed via an user friendly API based on open standards. Most customers do however combine the sensors with Sensebit’s web based analytics tool TrafficWeb which gives them a complete solution for collecting and working with traffic data. Some customer do however utilize the API directly to integrate the sensors in existing systems for traffic data collection. The API is also well suited for ITS and other real-time traffic applications.

Web interface

Many customers use Sensebit’s web based analytics software TrafficWeb, a client to the sensor API, to interface with our sensors and analyze the data. This provides a complete solution for traffic data and removes the need for any other software or tools. TrafficWeb can be accessed from any computer or mobile device and allows users to initiate measurements, view data in interactive reports as well as export raw data to CSV and Excel.

Web based tool for traffic data collection and analysis
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