The all new TrafficWeb!

The new TrafficWeb from Sensebit provides users of STMS detectors with an easy way of collecting and analyzing traffic data. Collect data with a few clicks and analyze traffic with interactive graphs. Try it now and see what modern traffic data collection looks like.

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Vehicle detector WD-300

The STMS WD-300 is a patented battery powered wireless vehicle detector that uses magnetometer technology to detect, classify and measure the velocity of passing vehicles. The detector is designed for operation without any roadside equipment and delivers data via the public cellular network.

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Sensebit Traffic Measurement System

The Sensebit Traffic Measurement System offers remotely managed, accurate and cost efficient collection of traffic data. Vehicle detectors, available in multiple configurations, installed in the road surface collect and upload traffic data via the Internet.

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The next step in traffic information

Sensebit AB develops and markets products within the wireless sensor networks field with a focus on traffic information. We are committed to providing systems that deliver high quality data and are easy to deploy. By combining the latest sensor and microprocessor technologies with innovative solutions our systems enable our customers to take the next step in traffic information.


Our systems and products are designed to make the process of collecting accurate traffic information easier and more cost efficient than with traditional technologies, such as inductive loops and pneumatic tubes.
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